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Some of My Interests:

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No hearing culture in the world exists without music.
Music connects to us in a way no spoken language can.
Language communicates to the brain. Music speaks to the soul.” fancytext_color=”#565656″ typewriter_cursor_color=”#0c0c0c”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-television” add_icon=”true” title=”Computers” tab_id=”computer-science”][dt_vc_list]

  • Computers are used everywhere! Name a profession which does not use any interaction with a computing device.
  • The power of smartphones today are more than 15x more powerful than what we used to get to the moon in 1969!
  • The ability to create learning software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is awestriking. Google Assistant, Alexa, Facebook, IBM, and Apple rely on AI to improve their industrious machine and deliver a better, improved experience to users. I hope to one day build my own AI.
    • Because who wouldn’t want to have their own Jarvis?